Expo on Fashion-PH

Our pictures are currently featured as opening shots of the monthly magazineFashion-PH, fashion magazine that you can download for free in PDF format.

This month’s theme is “Superheroes” (download magazine issue #19) and find us in the Expo section.

They are original shots from which we have taken images for the Fantasy Calendar 2008 and the Fantasy Calendar 2009.

Fantasy Calendar 2009

 Christmas is approaching and I would like to propose you an original idea this year:

The Fantasy 2009 Calendar reprinted with months of 2012


Fantasy Cups

fantasy cup
fantasy cup

These fantasy mugs can be bought on-line from our gallery on DeviantArt: choose the desired picture first, click “Print available” and then choose the “Mug” item type.

They cost little more than 12 US dollars, plus shipping.

A gift idea for christmas, birthday or other recurrences.

cleric and sphere

moment before dark

moment before dark


Poison Arrow