Fantasy Calendar 2012

Now available with the latest pictures, and user rated favorites:

The Fantasy 2012 Calendar!


This edition’s credits

  • Veronica Rubini
  • Cora Collina
  • Filomena DeGregorio
  • Saretta Sixx
  • Ely Garbo from Diamond Beast
  • Nuit Blanche
  • Costanza “Cassie” Buzio

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Pages are nearly square, spiral-bound. When you hand it on the wall, above you have the image, below you have day-numbered squares you can write into, just as the commercial calendars you find in the shops.

Size: 11 x 8.5 inches closed (dooubles when hung on the wall)

It is possible to see all the individual months pages, just click on the image below

Fantasy Calendar 2009

also available:


Fantasy Calendar 2011

Including the pictures produced in 2010, and 2010’s user rated favorites, but reprinted with months of 2012:

The Fantasy 2011 Calendar!

fantasy calendar 2011


Fantasy Calendar 2010

It is available for on-line buying:

The Fantasy 2010 Calendar reprinted with months of 2012:

fantasy calendar 2010


Fantasy Calendar 2009

 Christmas is approaching and I would like to propose you an original idea this year:

The Fantasy 2009 Calendar reprinted with months of 2012


Fantasy Cups

fantasy cup
fantasy cup

These fantasy mugs can be bought on-line from our gallery on DeviantArt: choose the desired picture first, click “Print available” and then choose the “Mug” item type.

They cost little more than 12 US dollars, plus shipping.

A gift idea for christmas, birthday or other recurrences.

cleric and sphere

moment before dark

moment before dark


Poison Arrow



2008 Calendar

Our Fantasy 2008 Calendar! – reprinted with months of 2012