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Fantasy, medieval events, fantasy books and novels, games, fairs and expositions.

Perhaps you are looking for a unique illustration for that special purpose or application… This project is for you.

Check out the contact section below and let us know what you need. We create those special pictures for you, or you can choose between the existing collection.

The Project

Fantasy Art is based on Fantasy tales and legends to offer a series of images capable of capturing your imagination and getting it far away in space and time.

These images will tell you about women of courage, heroic, handsome and energic, capable to change in the world they live in.


Professional photographer/digital artist based in Bologna, Italy.
Loves fantasy literature and movies. Author and producer of a Massive Multiplayer Game (MMORPG) named Sottomondo (the english version’s name is Underworld online), which actually inspired the set of pictures presented on this site.
You can find these works on DeviantArt, where the best images can be bought as high quality posters or other gift items.



joesistah Angela Wolf – Angela’s Portfolio on Flickr




Veronika Rubini @ Facebook



Saretta Sixx @ Facebook



La MartyCrue @ Facebook



Ely Garbo from Diamond Beast



Filomena DeGregorio @ Facebook



Ilda Meta @ Facebook



Costanza “Cassie” Buzio @ Facebook



stefano Stefano Carini @ ModelShoot



sweet_poison_site Morgan Coffey @ ModelMayhem



sweet_poison_site Nuit Blanche & Andrea Ropes


cora Cora [email protected]



evocation_elemental Jessica Anais Limoni Garcìa



spellbound Felicia Conforti http://feliciaconforti.weebly.com/



daiana Daiana Catrina [email protected]



liveordie Chiara Longhino [email protected]



Angainor GRV



Silvia Cavalieri D’Oro [email protected]



Moment Before Dark Gala


Cleric and Magic Sphere Marco Deepak [email protected]



sword icon Wendy


Mistyque Francesca Sebastiani


Fantasy Girl Jelena


Evil Bites Cinzia Balugani


Ninja Warrior Maila Agostini [email protected]




archery icon Arch and arrow for “Archery!” courtesy of Jonata Archery Store

Make up

Moment Before Dark Mrs. Pazzesque: Make-up for “A Moment Before Dark” and “The Vision”



sword icon Valentina Borciani: Make-up for “Sword” and “Blue Knight”




mystique Francesca Sebastiani on “Shining Sword”




valley OneEighteen for “The Queen and The Valley”




Upon request we may grant permission to use the pictures on this site under License for commercial,  non-commercial, exclusive and non-exclusive basis. For requests, contact us by using the e-mail address below.

If you don’t have requested and obtained a specific authorization to use these pictures, none of them can be used. The only files you can freely download and use are those in the Free Download section, for the exclusive purpose Computer and cellphone backgrounds and screen saver for personal use.
Any other use, each abuse will be prosecuted according to the international copyright laws.

Seeking Contributors! – Artists & Models

  • Models
    If you are able and willing to model, you can contribute in creating the next image work. Contact us at the e-mail address below, please include a picture in any format.
    Both male and female models are welcome, especially owners of fantasy clothing or accessories.
    Base shooting location is currently Bologna, Italy, but this may change and other locations may be arranged in Europe as the project grows up.
  • Artists
    If you are a digital artist and can contribute with your work, we can grant you publisher access to this wesite so that you can publish your images, link them to your existing DeviantArt/Merchant account. You don’t pay anything for this and get free customers to your print sales. Contact us at the e-mail address below, and include a short selection of your work in low resolution or the URL of your website/DeviantArt page.
  • Digital Artists/Stock Photo material producers/Other
    We need artists willing to post-process the shots and/or stock materials to work wih. We dearly value and welcome every contribution and give credits to all who contribute. Feel free to propose to us, and always include a selection of your work in low-res or an URL to your website. Please use the -mail below

Contact Info


e-mail: [email protected]


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